Each year ACNA organizes various events designed around its goals.
The North African meetings were initiated in the mid-70s (the Rabitat meetings) to support and encourage the new believers then so few and isolated. It was necessary to promote fellowship and to address specific problems for converts from Islam. ACNA’s national gatherings now pursue the same vision: the spiritual strengthening of Christians, and closer fellowship. We want our participants to benefit from top class speakers who know the challenges that North African Christians face in their daily walks. In past meetings we have had the privilege of hosting among others: Amar Djaballah, Nordine Salmi and Bernard Huck. Since 2007 these gatherings have been held every two years at the Omnisport Center of Vichy. Recordings of lectures and worship times are available on our website www.acna.fr.
Our regional awareness seminars focus on how to welcome and evangelise North Africans. These enable us to accompany pastors and local leaders in their thinking as they pursue their work with these populations.

Our training provides Biblical teaching that takes into account the religious and cultural context of the North African population.
The Alleluia North Africa music group is at the heart of our meetings and represents our identity and history in a most beautiful way. Indeed, this group illustrates by the ethnic diversity of its members (already visible), the reality of a world reconciled in Jesus Christ. This is also an ambitious musical project bringing together talented singers and musicians to perform in North African and Western languages. Straddling tradition and modernity, the music of ANA is a creative, festive and free celebration. Alleluia North Africa is a joyous proclamation of the Gospel «the power of salvation to everyone who believes.»