Our cultural diversity is a characteristic that we cultivate carefully because it concretely demonstrates the richness of God. Many of our members who have experienced the gospel in their country of origin, maintain close links with local churches there and often assist in the training of church leaders.

Our strengths relate primarily to our national character, our multi-denominational emphasis, our volunteer makeup, and the teamwork of our members.
As a member of the National Council of Evangelicals in France (CNEF), we wish to create long-term partnerships in order to make our expertise available to the greatest number.

A key resource available to serve evangelical churches in France, ACNA aims to :

  • work openly and closely with churches and missions, in accordance with their mutual commitments, desiring to work together for the kingdom of God;

  • support the integration and establishment of North African Christians in their local churches;

  • participate in the development of the Church in North Africa, promoting the training of those who serve it, and supporting it in its difficulties.
Aware of a social reality in France and Europe that tends to separate or oppose different communities, ACNA is engaged in a process of reconciliation. This is a demanding process that requires a pushing back the boundaries of fear and prejudice in favor of the love of Christ. This work has been bearing fruit and wherever we have had the opportunity to share our vision, we have received moving testimonies of forgiveness and restoration – these encourage us to persevere.
Karim Arezki President

Karim is the pastor of the Tabernacle Church in Paris. After a Masters in Theology at the Free Evangelical Faculty of Theology, Vaux-sur-Seine, he is preparing a PhD in Islamic Studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes. Karim appears regularly as a speaker at various conferences dedicated to Christianity and Islam.

Abderrahmane Nahed Vice-President

Abderrahamane is an elder in the Apostolic Church in Istres and a psychiatric nurse. Author, composer and performer, he has released two albums in French before taking the leadership of the Alleluia North Africa group.

Saïd Yousfi Treasurer

Said is engaged in the evangelization of Muslims in France since 1970, full-time and as a lay volunteer. Former within the Church La Bonne Nouvelle in Lyons, its various functions concrete his initial commitment. President of la Pastorale in Lyons, APPEL, local section of CNEF, Said is treasurer of ACNA,

Fatiha Raso Secretairy

Fatiha secretary of ACNA is a manager in the “Institute for Nursing Practise and Training” and a member of the Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Metz. She is is engaged among the North African women.

Oria Boumerzoug

Oria Boumerzoug is administrative head of the Gospel & Children Association, which aims to proclaim the Gospel to, and build and develop, children in the Church. Oria has been actively involved in the running of children’s clubs and organization of camps as director. She also trains leaders. Becoming part of the ACNA is a logical continuation of her commitment.